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About Us

The town of Llanwrtyd Wells nestles below the Cambrian Mountains and is surrounded by areas of outstanding beauty.   Llanwrtyd Wells is a resilient community who are blessed with a ‘Can Do Community’ spirit that keeps the town alive.  

Llanwrtyd Wells Town is the most local level of government. We have an important role to play in promoting our town, representing its interests and supporting the work of different groups in the community.

The Town Council has 11 councillors (when there are no vacant seats) and a Town Clerk who oversees the administrative and financial business of the council. The Mayor, who is also the chair of the council, is chosen by the councillors.

The full council meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month except August. When required, the council creates sub committees who meet separately but feedback to the main Council meetings.  We currently have a finance sub-committee in place to develop the budget for the coming year.  In addition the following are sub committees of the Town Council; The Abergwesyn Hall Committee, The Victoria Hall Committee, The Dolwyn Fields Development Committee and The Llanwrtyd Wells Twinning Committee. Where possible we allocate councillors to sub committees that make the best use of their knowledge and experience.
About Us About Us

Your Councillors

Lynda Pace Avery

Mayor and Chair of the Town Council

Amanda Edwards

Deputy Mayor Co-opted Councillor

Sue Middleton

Town Clerk

Tim Van-Rees

County Councillor

Jim Davies


Rachel Hughes

Co-opted Councillor

Rachel is currently on Maternity Leave

Peter James


Ainsley Jones


Sarah Jones


Martin Pigott

Co-opted Councillor

June Parkinson

Co-opted Councillor

John Rowlands


Council Papers

Town Council Papers

Town Council Papers

Here you can find papers relating to the Town Council. Agenda's and Minutes before December 2019 are available from the Town Clerk

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COVID 19 Coronavirus latest advice

COVID 19 Coronavirus latest advice

The current advice is anyone with symptoms of coronavirus which includes a persistent fever and a new continuous cough should self isolate for 7 days. PLEASE do not go to either Builth or Llanwrtyd surgery. Seek prompt medical attention if your illness is worsening. If it’s not an emergency, contact NHS Direct Wales online. If you have no internet access, you should call NHS 111. If it is an emergency and you need to call an ambulance, dial 999 and inform the call handler or operator that you have coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are acutely unwell including difficulty with breathing then ring 999 and advise the call handler the patient may have covid-19.

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Consultation - Changes to planning and related applications

Consultation - Changes to planning and related applications

A consultation has been issued which seeks views on proposed changes to planning fees

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Town Council says thank you the Llanwrtyd Fire & Rescue

Town Council says thank you the Llanwrtyd Fire & Rescue

On 30th April the Town Council recognised Llanwrtyd firefighters for their 'professionalism, heroism and dignity' at a special ceremony.

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Would you know how to easily pinpoint your location if you were lost or injured, especially on around Llanwrtyd?

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Contact us

  • Tryfel, Zion Street, Llanwrtyd Wells LD5 4RG

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